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ATX June 10-12, 2024

2024 Keynote Speakers

Dorothy Jones

Chief Marketing Officer
Dallas College

Students are “Never Coming Back” – What’s Next Moving Forward?

The college landscape has changed. Traditional enrollment strategies no longer work for today’s students, many of whom lack a clear understanding of the value of higher education. In our opening keynote session, Dorothy Jones, Dallas College CMO, will share innovative marketing research methods that go beyond demographics.

She’ll share a summary of the student segmentation model which uncovers attitudes and motivations, unveils 5 key student personas, and identifies the drivers of satisfaction. You’ll walk away with actionable insights to tailor your marketing, improve retention, and drive enrollment at your community college.

Dorothy Jones

Laura Fragoso

Laura Fragoso

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Round Rock Express

Join Laura as she dives into connecting with baseball fans through purpose-driven marketing. Her core belief is built on the foundation that our purpose as marketers goes beyond our actions—it resides in the impact those actions have on others. This guiding principle shapes her career path and outreach efforts. With a focus on bringing joy to others through the game of baseball, Laura shares insights into the Round Rock Express brand, the world of Minor League Baseball, and the strategies employed for outreach. Through her presentation, she explores the theme of finding purpose and delves into how the Round Rock Express has cultivated a devoted fan base.

Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart

Austin Community College

Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart serves as the Chancellor for Austin Community College District. Russell’s leadership is centered around the concept of–– LOVE, with a dedicated focus on enhancing student success through systemic and cultural transformation.

As he prefers to be called, Russell previously served as president of Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas, from 2014 to 2023 before beginning his tenure as ACC Chancellor. Under his leadership, Amarillo College received several awards and was named co-winner of the prestigious 2023 Aspen Prize, a Community College Excellence award.

Russell received a bachelor’s degree in speech communication and rhetoric from West Texas State University, a master’s degree in communication studies from Texas Tech University, and a doctorate in interpersonal communication from Ohio University.

Russell Lowery-Hart