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The Make It Movement is a multitiered public awareness campaign designed to change the perception that a four-year college path is the only route to a successful career in America. It is a joint effort of The Promiseland Project, VF Corporation’s Dickies® brand and Hunt Consolidated, Inc. This movement aims to encourage career seekers at all stages of life to learn a skill and make a fulfilling career, while helping to meet the increasing demand for a skilled workforce in Texas and beyond. Learn more at and follow on Facebook and Instagram.


Roy Spence
As you well know, we have an awareness and perception problem in this country when it comes to career success. The belief that a four-year college degree is the only path to success is simply not true. Pair this with a shortage of skilled labor professionals and we’ve got a widespread problem requiring immediate action and thoughtful solutions.

The most powerful and proven way to rapidly change this misperception is through a compelling marketing and grassroots campaign. Our aim is to ignite new conversations – with students, teachers, counselors, parents and all those who work hard but struggle to make ends meet – around the fact that it does not take four years to earn a skill and build a great career. Community colleges, as well as trade and technical schools, stand ready to help career seekers of all levels open new doors to success.

In my 50+ years in advertising and marketing, I have always believed that marketing can be a force for good; together, I believe we can prove it. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming weeks to inspire a new generation of skilled professionals.


Roy Spence
Co-founder, GSD&M and Co-founder, The Promiseland Project